Hormone Balance and Acupuncture

Hormonal imbalances commonly start at age 35. This is also the age at which fertility starts to decline. There is considerable disagreement on how to treat hormonal issues with Western medicine. Some doctors believe in supplementing with bioidentical hormones, and others do not. In addition to this, some doctors believe estrogen should be used, and others prefer progesterone.

If you are a woman with hot flashes, you want answers. Hot flashes are miserable. There is really no way to describe them. It is like being on fire.

Hot flashes are caused by a decline in hormones. Your brain is trying to regulate your hormone levels, but the ovaries are not producing enough hormones, so the hot flashes go unheeded.

Chinese Medicine and Hot Flashes

There are basically two ways to look at this. The Chinese medicine way is to take Chinese herbs that treat hot flashes, as well as help the body to make its own hormones. Hot flashes can be gotten under control in a few days, in my experience. I have specific herbal formulas that address the cause of hot flashes, while they strengthen the kidneys to restore healthy function.

Western Medicine and Hot Flashes

The Western medicine way is to either ignore the hot flashes and say that they will be over when your body realizes that you will not be getting additional hormones, or take bioidentical hormones, or synthetic hormones. Your body will eventually stop producing hot flashes. The problem with this choice is that your hormone levels are too low. Your body wants more hormones, so it is balanced. As your ovaries decline, your kidneys are supposed to increase estrogen production. The problem with that is that so many women are adrenal fatigued. The constant stress of modern life wears down your adrenal glands, so your body has a hard time making hormones as needed.

Anti-Aging and Chinese Medicine

Treating your kidneys with Chinese herbal tonics will not only help with hormone production, but it will improve longevity. In Chinese medicine theory, aging is associated with a decline in the kidneys. If you keep your kidneys healthy, you will not show the signs of aging as fast. I carry several formulas that can be used long term to restore health as we age.

Fertility and Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs help to improve fertility. Infertility is caused by imbalances in the system. There are many possible causes of infertility, and all of them need to be addressed to restore fertility. I carry special herbal formulas that help to improve fertility, because they treat the cause of infertility, as defined by Chinese medicine. Fertility is a complicated topic. I find that some people only need a month of herbs and acupuncture, but some women need longer to improve their health. I work with a fertility nurse who combines supplemental hormones and refers patients to me for the Chinese medicine. Combining the two modalities improves fertility.

Herbal Capsules and Tablets

The Chinese herbal formulas I use are in capsules and tablets. You will not need to boil herbs, or drink herbal teas that can be hard to drink. The herbs are easy to take, and I use “pharmaceutical grade” which means that the herbs are processed in the same type of factories as pharmaceuticals. Each herb is tested to ensure quality and the correct herb is being used. The herbs are boiled in water, and the resulting liquid is dehydrated to form tablets and capsules. This makes the herbs very strong, and very easy to absorb. I do not use weak, or low quality herbs made in China. Using quality herbs will mean you get better much faster.

This is a bottle of Golden Flower Chinese Herbs. This company makes formulas that are specifically targeted at modern diseases, as well as formulated with American conditions in mind. Traditional formulas are used, but additional herbs are added to make them more appropriate for modern diseases.

I do use other brands, but Golden Flower is usually my first choice. The formula shown is used to treat kidney stones.