How Acupuncture Relieves Back Pain

Please do not get back surgery unless you have tried acupuncture and other natural remedies first. There are about one million back surgeries per year in this country. Most of them are unnecessary. After someone gets back surgery, the problem is often worse. I explained this in my book, Natural Back Pain Solutions.


  • Improves blood flow
  • Resolves inflammation
  • Helps break down scar tissue that is preventing healthy blood flow
  • Improves energy levels to speed healing (fatigue slows down healing, so we always include points and herbs to treat it)
  • Restores healthy blood flow in the entire body, by activating circulation via the acupuncture meridians. There are about 100 points on the body that help to relieve back pain
  • Relaxes the muscles, which relieves pressure on pinched nerves
  • Restores blood flow to help the body heal a disc herniation or disc damage

Acupuncture can treat back pain very effectively.

There are many causes for back pain. Back pain can be caused by pinched nerves, which is can be caused by tight muscles and sudden muscle cramping putting pressure on nerves. A disc herniation is when the discs in the spine are not cushioning the bones very well. This is common as we age. That does not mean we have to accept the pain. It just means our bodies wear down and we need to repair them as needed.

If you are even remotely considering back surgery for yourself or someone you care about, please check out this article:

These Forbes articles are the best I have found on back surgery.

Herniated Discs

Herniated disks are also called slipped discs. It helps to understand this if you view the disc as a shock absorber. Over time our discs tend to dry out and wear down. If the cause of this is not treated in time, the disc can become ineffective as a shock absorber. It is also possible to have a sudden herniation if you lift something heavy suddenly. It is important to lift with the muscles and not put too much pressure on the disc itself. Since so many of us sit in front of a desk all day, our back muscles become weak. This means excess pressure is put on the discs, so they wear down faster. Once they wear down, they can irritate the spinal nerves.

Chronic inflammation

Inflammation is how your body heals itself. The problem is when there is not enough blood flow in the area for the body to completely resolve the tissue damage. Chronic inflammation damages the tissue, which can then turn into scar tissue, which can cause chronic pain and the inability to perform daily tasks as you used to.

Acupuncture restores healthy blood flow, so the body can improve blood flow and enhance healing.

The Truth About Back Surgery

Most people believe that back surgery will cure their problems. It is becoming better known that it is not recommended for most patients. I’ve written about this in my book on back pain, but I wanted to provide links to trusted sources on the truth about surgery.

NBC News article on back pain:   Back Surgery May Backfire