Migraine Headaches – How Acupuncture Treats Them


Migraine headaches are caused by a blockage of normal blood flow to the head. There are many causes for this, but the most common cause is tight muscles in the shoulders, neck, and the base of the skull. This blocks blood flow, which causes pain.

Some medical doctors inject Botox to treat migraines. This works by paralyzing the muscles so they do not continue to block blood flow.

Acupuncture resolves migraines, it is not a temporary fix. It works by:

  • Relaxing tight muscles
  • Resolving scar tissue that has built up over years of inflammation and tight muscles
  • Restoring healthy nerve function and blood flow

The acupuncture points that are used are located all over the body. The choice of points is determined by the location of the headache, and the meridian chosen to treat it.  Points on the feet and hands are especially good to treat headaches. These points restore healthy circulation to the head.

I find that many migraine patients have suffered since childhood. Acupuncture is effective to treat migraines, but if someone drinks alcohol daily, I have not found good results. Alcohol damages the liver.