My Books

I have written several books. The first book is on insomnia. Chinese medicine is very effective to treat the root cause of insomnia. A diagnosis is made using Chinese medicine principles that treat the internal cause of sleeplessness. The first book is called Insomnia Relief. It is about dozens of natural remedies for insomnia. I will be doing a new cover, and perhaps a second edition soon, but here is the link: Insomnia Relief Book on Amazon.

My second book is called Natural Back Pain Solutions. It includes information on what causes back pain, the downsides of back surgery and drugs, and what supplements will relieve pain naturally. Please do not consider getting back surgery until you have tried acupuncture. Most back surgery is not necessary and it can cause permanent damage. Acupuncture can help to restore normal function and relieve pain.

My third book is called Acupuncture Points Handbook. This book is a patient guide to acupuncture points. If you ever wanted to know how each point works, this book explains it in layman’s terms.

I have also worked on numerous books written for acupuncturists on distal acupuncture. I plan on releasing a book on acupressure in the summer of 2017.

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