Sinusitis – How to Relieve Sinus Problems and Allergies

There is no reason to suffer from allergy or sinus issues. There are numerous herbal formulas that quickly relieve the symptoms with absolutely no side effects. In addition, they treat the underlying cause of the problem. After taking the appropriate herbal formulas, even long-standing sinus and allergy problems can be remedied.

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinus cavities. It is sometimes involved with allergies, but both have different causes.

There are specific herbal formulas that relieve sinus inflammation and resolve sinus blockages.

The Chinese herbal formulas:

  • Do not need to be taken long term
  • Do not cause drowsiness or other side effects
  • Resolve the underlying cause of sinus problems
  • Can be taken as needed only
  • Start to relieve sinus problems within hours, in most cases

There are many herbal formulas used to treat sinuses. Each person responds differently, so I carry multiple formulas. These herbs are extracts and they are the best quality I have found. I do not use inexpensive herbs made in China. The herbs I carry are pharmaceutical extracts and most are made in Taiwan, which is the center of high quality herbal extract manufacturing in Asia.

I only use herbs that are in bottles of capsules or tablets. The image below shows an herbal formula. This formula has 10 herbs and each herb has a function.


I can show you the acupressure points that will help relieve sinus pain. You can check out my point location book for more info: Acupuncture Points Handbook.


Allergies are caused by an over-reaction by the immune system. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs strengthen and regulate the immune system. In some cases, digestive weakness contributes to allergy problems. Each person is different. Food allergies also can cause allergy and sinus problems. I have several herbal formulas that treat allergies.

Allergy herbs:

  • Do not need to be taken long term
  • Treat the underlying cause of allergies
  • Do not cause drowsiness

I even had a patient who was not able to smell anything. His daughter referred him to me, because she was afraid he would eat rotten food, because he could not tell the difference. With acupuncture and Chinese herbs, we were able to clear out his sinuses so he could smell again.