Why Sham Acupuncture Works


Acupuncture Research and Why Acupuncture Always Works

If you read a news article saying that it has been proven that acupuncture works as a placebo, you need to understand why the researchers came to this conclusion.

There are literally thousands of acupuncture points on the body. I wrote a book that included about 400 points, written for patients. I could have easily made it 800. On top of that, there are numerous micro systems such as ear acupuncture, hand acupuncture, and abdominal acupuncture. Each of these systems are a complete way to treat disease. I could treat only your ear and resolve most health issues.

The fact there are not only thousands of points on the body, but even if you get close to the point, you will get a good effect. In fact, some systems use the area between the regular meridians to influence the meridians nearby. We are connected. Points on your feet affect your head, and points on your head affect your back.

Even if I wanted to, I could not just treat you for one problem. If you come to me for back pain, I will do points that also improve energy, sleep, and kidney function. That is why acupuncture is so amazing. It resolves so many health issues by default, because the points have many functions, and they treat the root cause of the problem.

So you see, there is no chance that acupuncture will be done on a patient where the acupuncture point only has one function, so the person doing the research can pinpoint one function they are trying to study. Acupuncture has been the primary form of medicine in Asian countries for thousands of years. In addition, Chinese herbal medicine also works to resolve many ailments.