Your First Acupuncture Visit – What to Expect


I understand that it can be intimidating to consider getting acupuncture. You don’t know what will be done, and your experience with other healthcare providers in the past might have given you a bad taste in your mouth. I would like to explain a little of what occurs when you see an acupuncturist.

  1. Discuss your ailment. We like to know a lot more details than most medical doctors. All these details mean something to us. The reason they are important is that acupuncture treats the cause of the ailment. We do not simply cover up the symptoms temporarily. Your overall health does matter a lot. Your sleep matters, fatigue affects healing speed, and many ailments can be addressed at the same time during your treatments. Acupuncture treats the PERSON, not the disease.
  2. We look at your tongue. There is no wrong tongue. There is no bad tongue. This is just another way we determine what is going on in your body that might have lead you to not heal from your ailment. We are looking at the color of the tongue, the coating, if there are any cracks, and the general shape. This is one part of the picture that gives us more information.
  3. We take your pulse. The pulse tells us things that medical doctors do not see. There are many different types of pulses, and sometimes ailments are revealed in the pulse that did not show up in another symptom.

An evaluation can be done in 10-15 minutes. The number of ailments you have can sometimes make it take longer. After the first visit, the follow up questions are much shorter.

After the evaluation, I determine which acupuncture points I will use. Always remember that YOU are in charge. I always discuss what I would like to do, as well as what you would like to focus on. I treat as many things as I can at the same time. In some cases, Chinese herbs are a better option to treat some ailments. Taking herbs will speed your healing.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs are prescribed to treat your ailment. Please do not think they are just vitamins, or not very important. Chinese herbs are a form of medicine. I use the strongest herbs you can buy. They are herbal extracts, so they are easily digested. You are better off taking a more expensive herbal formula that will work faster than taking inexpensive herbs that are not as powerful.

Chinese herbs can be used to treat:

  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Digestive issues
  • Acid reflux
  • Hair loss

Combining acupuncture and Chinese herbs is the fastest way to get well. The herbs are taken twice or three times daily. Each time you take your herbs you are getting a treatment.

The Needles

You can see from this image that over 10 acupuncture needles will fit inside one hypodermic needle. The needles are more filaments than needles.

How Many Sessions Do You Need?

Acupuncture is therapy. It helps your body to heal itself. The number of acupuncture treatments you need will be determined by:

  1. How old you are – unfortunately if you are over 40 it will take longer to heal.
  2. How long you have had the pain or diseases – scar tissue builds up and muscles will shorten over time. Chronic pain is caused by inflammation, which needs to be resolved.
  3. Your general health. If you have more than a few problems, it will take longer to heal. In most cases many things resolve at the same time, because we treat the root cause.